Hats & Hat Accessories

Choose the perfect look for you

Our Hats

Quality felt fedora, trilby and soft felt hats available in a choice of colours

These hats are unisex, shower proof and great for a day out in the country.

Available in S M L and XL

Our Hat Bands

Hat bands are fully adjustable to fit any hat and can be easily moved from one hat to another and tied securely with leather lace. 

Available in any feather combination or any single type such as Pheasant, Guinea Fowl, Partridge, Hen Pheasant.  £25.00 inc postage


Leather hat showing mixed feather hat band

Feather Hat Pins

Our hat pins and accessories are easily transferable from hat to hat or onto a jacket lapel. They are available as standard from the examples you see here or we are happy to make anything to to order.
Feathers we can supply include, Pheasant,  Partridge,  Jay, Swan,  Guinea Fowl,  Mallard, Parrot


Our Fascinators

Made to order and available in 30 colours with feathers of your choice, in a beret or biscuit style.