Feather Hat Pin

Our exquisitely stylish feather pins will take you from fashion in the field to your shooting lunch or day at the races.  Set into an upcycled cartridge base or filigree holder they look great  on a Trilby or Panama .


All feathers and cartridges are sourced from shoots in Shropshire.  Pin bars all come with protectors, are made of base metal and are silver or gold coloured to co-ordinate with cartridge colour.

Choose from 3 lengths :

Long        approx   9” (25 cms) total length

Medium  approx   6” (13-15 cms) total length

Short       approx   3-4” (8-10 cms) total length

When ordering choose which length you would like and which choice of base ie Shotgun Cartridge (silver or brass colour) or filigree holder.  The feather decoration is made using pheasant feathers with guinea fowl and mallard, please add a note to the order if you would prefer any particular feather combination.

Due to the nature of plumage there will be variations from the pictures shown.  If you would like a particular cartridge not shown this is possible for a small charge, please add a note to the order.

All feathers and feather pins vary in colour and pattern. Items will be supplied from stock within the criteria of what your order specifies.
If you have a particular style/colour requirement we will be happy to oblige. Please email us or complete the contact form.